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The Keys to Healthy Hair

  • What is the shelf life for Philly Hair Healer products?
    Hair and scalp oils have 6 months shelf life. All other products have 12 months. Products may last longer, however, we’ve only tested the stability and efficacy up to 12 months.
  • How are your products different from other brands?
    Our products are for all hair and scalp types. Each product is formulated to give you more essentials and less fillers. Products are made in small batches to ensure quality.
  • Can your products be used on all ethnicities?
    Yes, our products are formulated for all hair and skin types.
  • Can I use the hair products on chemically processed hair?
    Yes, our hair care products can be used on color-treated and relaxed hair.
  • Are your products ALL natural?
    No. We use plant-derived, natural and organic ingredients in all products, however, with the exception of our hair oils, products are not considered ALL natural or organic.
  • Are your products free of toxins?
    Yes, our products do not container harmful chemicals.
  • Do you test on animals?
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