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Our Philosophy
Hair Care Products Created to Grow, Nourish, and Strengthen your hair through treatments focused on detoxification to give you a clean and healthy scalp.

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Meet Our Founder & CEO,
Alexis Baxter

Philly Hair Healer was created by Alexis Baxter, a state board licensed Cosmetologist, hair loss specialist and beauty salon owner, who desired to share her healthy hair journey using products with healthy ingredients to achieve amazing results. She knew the importance of knowing what is in your products and wanted to create healthier options for everyone. The result is a brand that delivers products that contain natural ingredients and are effective.

Our Detox System

Philly Hair Healer is One of The Fastest Growing Hair Care 


Brands in the Multicultural Category. As we grow, our ambition is to broaden our vision on how we continue to innovate exciting new products that not only solve your needs, but products that provide a proactive approach to healthy hair AND scalp preservation.

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Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Hair

We believe healthy ingredients allow you to experience healthy hair. That's why we've created natural hair products specific to your hair type! From moisturizing shampoo to hair oil, each natural ingredient used in our hair care products is chosen with delicate care to meet your needs.

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